Performances and Productions by Peter Covino. Jr,

Performances & Productions by Peter Covino, Jr

LDS music composer, LDS Instrumental Music composer, arranger, and conductor of orchestra, band, choir, and piano music, composer for TV and video music, and music editor.

The Messiah, Another Testament

the_messiahThe Messiah, Another Testament is an oratorio/pageant of ancient America which tells of the people in The Book of Mormon.

It explains the origin of The Book of Mormon, its recorded history and accounts for its coming forth from the dust of the earth.

This pageant includes the record of the resurrection and visitation of Christ, the Messiah, to the people in America.

More Info This concert is in conjunction with the Idaho Choral Symphony Orchestras and Alleluia Chorus spring concert every few years.

The Patriotic Concert

patriotic_concertOur patriotic concert includes many of the most popular and inspiring patriotic music available. For a list of this seasons works please go to

Concert of Sacred Music

sacred_musicEach year we perform a concert of sacred and other exciting orchestral music.

The choral music is Christ centered and is spiritually uplifting. Both the Fall concert and the Winter concerts include this type of music.

For a list of this seasons works please go to

The Christmas Concert

christmas-concertAll of your favorite Christmas music for chorus and orchestra at the Christmas season.

For a list of this seasons works please go to