Orchestra Composer

Local Orchestra Concerts , LDS Ochestra, band, choir, piano, conductor, arranger, music editor, video and TV movie composer.

Peter Covino, Jr., is an LDS orchestra and band composer, conductor, arranger, music editor, LDS Instrumental Music publisher, and TV & movie composer writing and arranging for anything anywhere.

Peter will write music for your orchestra, concert marching band, piano, chorus, musicals, LDS church, TV commercials, music videos, movies, films, etc. Click on this oratorio The Messiah, Another Testament to learn about the oratorio of ancient America and hear all of its music.

This site is a showcase of a few selected sample compositions and arrangements by LDS free lance composer Peter Covino, Jr., and a listing of his services. To download and or listen to many more works please go to the Alpha Publishing site listed at the contacts page.