About Peter Covino, Jr. – Composer, Conductor /Director, Arranger, and Music Editor

Peter Covino, Jr., composer, arranger, conductor

Peter Covino, Jr.Peter Covino, Jr. composer, arranger, conductor for orchestra, band, chorus, piano, TV, video, and movies, and music editing.

About Peter Covino, Jr.

Peter Covino, Jr. is originally from New Jersey. He has performed in and or directed many operas, orchestras, and musicals both on the stage and in the orchestra.  He has played many instruments in various concerts and performances, from the timpani and brass to utilization of a synthesizer for multiple instrumentation in concerts, to the accordion in Broadway Musicals and Band.

Peter Covino triple majored in composition, theory, and conducting at the Peabody Conservatory of Music with academic core and language at Johns Hopkins University. He received his Masters at Brigham Young University and completed his Doctoral work and post doctoral work on scholarship at the University of North Texas in composition and conducting.

Peter is a contest winner, and a published composer and arranger with over 900 published works and has hundreds more unpublished original compositions. He only publishes his music after they have been performed somewhere.

His first conducting mentor was Leonard Bernstein while his first brass instrument teacher was Al Weisman, first trumpeter of the New York Philharmonic. He also studied conducting under Norman Johnson of the Metropolitan Opera, and Anshel Brusilow of the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Dallas Symphony and The University of North Texas.

Peter Covino composes music from his head directly into his music-publishing program on his computer. His compositions range from solo instruments to Broadway musicals (where he is currently in production of one of his 4 musicals).  He has written for television and is currently working on a movie score for a 1 hour history channel documentary. He has also written and produced for many other musical events and programs including choral and symphonic idioms including band and orchestra. His arrangements are in all areas and he has done studio recordings. An LDS Christian church goer with 25 grandchildren.

Currently, Peter is the director of the, Alleluia Chorus, and the Idaho Choral Symphony Orchestra of which there are links at the contact area of this web site. He is a free lance composer.